The CAPTAIN STURT MARINA complex is located just east of the railway crossing on Liverpool Road in Goolwa. The marina has grown around the wreck of the P.S. Captain Sturt - the paddle wheel, still visible in the marina, is a reminder of this history. The PS Captain Sturt was used in barging materials in the contruction of several upstream locks in the 1930's and 40's. 

The complex is situated close to the site of the Goolwa Patent Slipway & Ironworks which dated back to 1867. The State Heritage listed Chart Room (located on the bikeway behind the marina complex) is the only reminder of the old shipbuilding venture. The grounds of the marina were featured in the iconic South Australian film 'Storm Boy', as several scenes were filmed on location here.

Businesses at the CAPTAIN STURT MARINA complex include the Marina & Slipway, a fully stocked Chandlery and a fully qualified Marine Mechanic. Goolwa Masts & Welding is only a short distance from the marina complex.